When Disappointment turns to Discouragement

When disappointment leads to discouragement

Sometimes our disappointments are small and life goes on. Sometimes our disappointments are big and lead to discouragement. Today I’m discouraged. I wrote a while back about feeling like every door on our adoption has closed, one after another, even   Read More »

Drowning in Disappointment

Drowning in disappointment

Sometimes when God asks me to write about something painful, I wish I could talk in general terms. Is it absolutely necessary for me to experience these things personally? I have a pretty good imagination. But we all go through   Read More »

My first Stitch Fix


Have you heard of Stitch Fix? It’s a women’s online personal styling service. You tell them your style preference and budget, and they send you cute clothes. You try them on, keep what you want, and send back the rest.   Read More »

Homeschool Humor: We’ve Never Heard That One Before…


A few days ago the hubs and I took our oldest two kids to an Oklahoma City Thunder game (Thunder Up!!). Our seats weren’t all together so Jerry and Emma sat a few rows up from Ben and me. Best   Read More »

Advent Activities for Good Enough Moms

Advent Activities for good enough moms

I love Advent activities! I like the idea of counting down to Christmas and we usually do this in both spiritual and secular ways. One of the longest lasting tradition we have in our family is our advent stockings. 11   Read More »

“Read a Holiday Book Every Day” for Good Enough Moms

Holiday books for good enough moms

I’m sure you’ve seen this one: Gather 24 holiday-themed books. Wrap them, write a number on each one, and put them under the tree. Let child open one each night to read (in front of the fire with a mug   Read More »

Christmas Cards for Good Enough Moms

Christmas Cards for good enough moms

Yes, there will always be those friends who send gorgeous professional-looking Christmas cards with velum inserts and hand-tied bows. I’ve done fancy cards in past years myself, but I don’t have time for that this year. If you’re reading this   Read More »