Small Deeds with Great Love

comfort for a friend

Sometimes the simplest things can comfort a friend in need. A few months ago my husband and I experienced the one thing all waiting adoptive parents fear: a failed adoption. We were matched for months and all seemed well, but   Read More »

ExtraOrdinary: When Ordinary People Say “Yes” to an Extraordinary God (Review)

ExtraOrdinary Bible Study by Chrisina Lang

When my online friend, Christina Lang, asked if I would like a review copy of her new Bible study, ExtraOrdinary: When Ordinary People Say “Yes” to an Extraordinary God, I jumped at the chance. I’ve admired Christina for as long   Read More »

Roasted Cabbage of Deliciousness

Delicious Roasted Cabbage Recipe//Stuff and Things

One of my favorite foods in the whole wide world is roasted cabbage. For real. This stuff is like crack to me. Before you think I’m some crazy health nut, my other favorite foods are carrot cake, macaroni and cheese,   Read More »

Our Experience with Artificial Twins

Our Experience with Artificial Twins //

Artificial twins, also called virtual twins, are formed when two non-biological siblings are less than nine months apart. This can happen when a family adopts two non-related children at the same time, or when they adopt a child who is   Read More »

Poverty and Tourism: Another View

Poverty and Tourism

Last January my husband and I were planning a little getaway for our anniversary, so I checked Trip Adviser for reviews. We settled on an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, in the same hotel family as other resorts we’ve enjoyed in   Read More »

Media Monday: IMDb Parent Guide

How to use IMDb Parent Guide

How do you evaluate media when you haven’t seen it yet? That’s the struggle I face constantly now that my kids are getting older. I have a 14-year-old son leading the pack, and many times he wants to watch something   Read More »

Matthew in the Middle: A child’s journey on the broken road (video)

I watched this YouTube video in order to give a review for The video is so inspirational to me personally as the mother of a child adopted from foster care. To see life-long damage done to a child in   Read More »